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Squires Development has a Unique Process that Creates Customer Communication and Involvement

Squires Development places the customer’s interest first while designing and building luxury homes. As we take the first steps in building your dream home, we pay specific attention to detail while being innovative and creative. We invite you to be a part of the design process to ensure your satisfaction in the building of your home.

We Give You a Step-by-Step Process on Progress

We aren’t kidding when we say we want you to be involved in the design and build project. One of the first things we do is hand you the building procedure handbook. Within that handbook is an outline of the design and build process and what needs to be done and when it needs to be done. Also within the handbook is a list of the vendors and subcontractors that are used by Squires Development so that you are able to choose who you want working with us on your home!

The handbook contains many fun decisions you get to make about the personality of your home, such as what type of appliances you would like to use, cabinets, flooring options, light fixtures and more! In addition to exciting choices like these, this handbook also has a section discussing how much money has been allocated for each phase of building your home.

Please, Use the Handbook!

We believe that utilizing this handbook is a fun and easy way for you to stay informed on what is happening with your design and building project. We are happy to offer you a resource as valuable as this handbook because we want to be communicating with you during the entire process. Efficiency and communication (with you!) are what matter to us. We believe that these qualities are what make the difference at Squires Development.


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